In glass jar 250 gr..

n glass jar 450 gr. 

n glass jar 950 gr. 


Higher quality and taste are two features that best describe the “Authentic” honey. Behind this quality lies an entire mechanism, a series of procedures and a philosophy of sheer quality. The methodology we follow during production is characterized by minimum intervention. During standardization, the least possible processing takes place, resulting in a product of high quality with all the nutrients, aromas and flavors kept intact. Throughout the productive process, from production, standardization and disposal of honey, we abide by the strictest guidelines of international food safety and hygiene quality standards. A highly qualified and experienced staff thoroughly examines each step of the process. Our true commitment to produce honey of exquisite quality and taste, our passion for detail and respect towards consumers, prompted us to take additional safety measures. Specifically, we conduct quality controls, laboratory tests (chemical, microbiological and biochemical) and organoleptic evaluation in order to ensure that every single drop of our honey has high nutritional value and fine quality that you can see, smell and taste…